A Piece of Sunshine - NON-PROFIT ORG

I’m working to create my way of giving back to my home country of Cambodia in a way that can provide them more options in life. I understand that I can’t do this alone so I have found my teammates that believe in my cause and they are now a part of the movement to help provide and educate the families in Cambodia. My first step is to create a non-profit organization. I have spoken to a CPA to provide and educate me with the knowledge of doing this the right way. I’m very happy and secure with the agent that I am working with, he is truly a blessing. I have the dollar amount needed in getting everything legalized by the state of California. My target goals: Help fight the cause in stopping child prostitution, free education towards homeopathic medicine, spiritual guidance and provide free nourishment & clothing.
My mother was forced into child prostitution so this cause hits home with me. It truly breaks my heart that a child was ripped out of their innocence because of a human’s evil deeds. I want to help or create in any way I can to be a part of fighting against this problem. Natural cures and medicine is a great knowledge to have. Not only will they be healthier but it’s one of the world’s best gifts to mankind. Providing the education of the natural recourses at their disposal, instead of relaying on western medicine so much, will help them be more self-sufficient.
Spiritual guidance is very important to me. You have to try to remain balanced mind, body and soul, nurturing the core self or “your spirit”. Support and educate to repair emotional hardship so that they may have experience in their lives. Provide nourishment & clothing, giving a variety of food assortments and clothing donations free to the community.
Everything that I earn 20% goes towards in putting my non-profit together. I have created other merchandise to sell to generate funds for the organization. I am truly grateful for you to take the time reading about my goal and dream, please help me save souls and give hope to the hopeless.

Thank you

Siray Kong



Uniforms for the kids that are not able to buy

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