Hello welcome to my website, I am so grateful for your time on here.

My name is Siray Kong Born in the refugee camp in Thailand raised in Minnesota and now live in California. This is all my creation and my heart. I have learned to invest in myself so I am wearing my heart on my sleeve. I trust in God, his son Jesus Christ and the spirit of the holy one. I have spent years building my craft and of course always lots more to do, life continues to evolve.

My mission in life is to expand all gifts the good Lord has given me, to challenge myself, to give as much I can. To help, be a change in this world one person at a time. To inspire, empower and give strength by living as an example and give the Lord his praises all the days of my life.

I am very experience model, confident behind the lens. I am artist at heart. A singer for the church. A beginner at the violin, a lover for a good tune. My passion is my vision for I am not limited. One of my biggest is goals in life is having my own orphanages 3 of them, finding the rest of my family and writing my mother’s story. I love designing its comes effortless to me.

My Designs are influenced by my culture Cambodia. Inspiration that goes way back when Angkor Wat was filled with life. Prince , kings and queen royalty bloodline flooded the walls of the temple. The largest in the world built .I love all the beautiful rich colors, the jewelry the creativeness in the patterns and designs, I love the sense of self confidence and self worth when dressed in strong designs and colors then drips in jewelry that makes you feel like a goddess. Colors are energy , patterns creates a sense of direction. Inspired by the colors of nature sunsets, flowers and so much more. My designs are to empower the soul. You never have to look far the world is ART itself you just have to be grateful and pay attention.


My site will give you a piece of my world.

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